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Why do we choose "Medicube"?

nowledge and scientific ground used in the Medicube Wholebody Scanning System has been provided by our advisory committee of professors and physicians experts in respective areas of application for the purpose of customizing users ' needs as to anthropometry, posture-analysis, chiropractic adjustment, rehabilitation, orthopedics, obesity treatment, and dress design through accurate measurement and scientific analysis.

│ Main applications │

*Chronic knee pain
*Bone deformity of extremity
*Spainal deformity(Scoliosis & Kyphosis)
*Systematic management of rehabilitation therapy
*3D image comparison of pre-op & post-op Easy operation
*Body shape management for normal person
*Athlete's systematic body shape analysis

│ Specification │

*Size: 2400mm(W) x 2240mm(H) x 1760mm(D)
*Scan Range : 800mm(W) x 2000mm(H) x 1200mm(D)
*Scan Time (Max.): 15 s
*Resolution: 2.5 mm
*Weighing Scale: Max. 200 kg / Separate weighing per side (right and left)
*Input Power: 210V~230V

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